The aspect of baseball that drew me into Strat-o-matic was a strong interest in the art of scorekeeping and statistical analysis. While I have never truly delved deeply into the sabermetrics as many others have, the fun of Strat-o-matic for me often comes in accurately tracking each player statistically.

There are so many awesome scorecards available in the public domain, and perhaps I’ll put some links to those on this page eventually. Some are commercial products for purchase, others are free for the taking.

With that said, scorekeeping a Strat-o-matic game has some specific differences to the depiction of a live baseball game. Primarily, each player gets ratings for specific game functions such as stealing or how often he commits an error. While some players prefer the simple, many prefer to have those player parameters noted on the scoresheet for easy reference throughout the game.

Therefore, I’ve developed a personal system for documentation that I will share here on this page. Of course, this system takes inspiration from a few sources, including Strat-o-matic’s own sheets available for purchase through their site (Form B at this link, I can’t currently find Form A on

Please feel free to use this sheet if you so choose. It is not intended for commercial use by anyone who prints or downloads this document:

Strat-O-Matic/General Baseball Scoresheets

TBL Scorecard V 1.0

***NEW – TBL Scorecard v2.0

History Maker Baseball-Friendly Scoresheets

HMB Scorecard – Color Plate Appearances

HMB Scorecard – Black & White Plate Appearances

History Maker Golf helpers

Tourney Report Sheet v 1_1

Tenacious Lag Rule – custom rule to replace the “PLAY IT SAFE” putt option in History Maker Golf. Roll 2d6 and decider die to see if golfer makes his lag!

APBA Soccer helpers

APBA Soccer Scoresheet v1.1

Lineup And Rest Resolution

The above rest resolution chart is my own device, and not endorsed by APBA. This chart is helpful in lieu of using actual lineups, primarily when playing a non-historic season (i.e. adjusted schedule or mixed teams from multiple leagues).

To use lineup and rest resolution in a full 20-team home-and-home campaign for APBA soccer:

  1. Determine the current table positions of the teams involved (use previous season’s table positions & whether promoted or relegated if < 3 games into the season);
  2. Assign the home team’s position in the left column of the top chart;
  3. Cross-reference to the position of their opponent on the top of the chart.
  4. Roll a D20 to determine the number of subs to be checked for each team.
  5. Go to the bottom-left chart, and roll 2 D6 and sum the total of the dice.
  6. Determine which position must be checked.
  7. Using the team’s “top choice” lineup (doing research through or Football-Lineups.Com), find the primary player in the position flagged for check.
  8. Based on the total number of starts in the season for the player, roll a D20 using the bottom-right chart.
  9. If the player must sit, you must choose another player for that position on the pitch.
  10. Repeat as many times as the top chart indicates for each team.
  11. If you get the same position twice for the same team:
    1. If LM, RM, LB, RB, or GK are repeated, reroll until another position is identified;
    2. If FW, CM, or CB are repeated, the second choice player should be checked as well.
    3. If FW, CM, or CB comes up a 3rd time, then reroll until another position is identified.

History Maker Golf

2019TGW Player Universe – Priority Rank – 2019TGW – Marked

2019TGW Player Universe – Priority Rank – 2019TGW

HMG Pieces – some tiny pieces you can print on card stock to indicate various traits