Gameday 9: 3 Game Videos, Full Standings and Statistics


The pulls of life have slid the priority of reporting the Ten-acious Baseball League results a little bit down on the list. The TBL continues to churn on at its own beautiful pace, and we’re through Gameday 9. Perhaps the best way to keep up with the league is through our YouTube channel, click on the link there and subscribe. I will continue to post at least 1 game video per “day,” and perhaps more.

For Gameday 9, we’ve recorded 3 games for your viewing:

Chicago Cubs (Hammel) at Los Angeles Dodgers (Wood)

Chicago White Sox (Samardzija) at Kansas City Royals (Ventura)

Texas Rangers (Lewis) at St. Louis Cardinals (Wacha)

So at this point, here are the updated standings for the TBL, through games played on June 20, 2016:


At some point, I may come up with a full set of scheduled games & results to post here. I have been recapping the games, but unless I’m in the mood it’s tough to set aside time for that when I could be rolling. Find below a lot more information on league leaders and a statistical breakdown of each team. This season is too far along to start considering split statistical tracking, so maybe in future seasons I’ll try to incorporate that into the legwork. If I go back to using a program like BallStat (which I tried before, and might spend a few days entering game data), I’ll definitely have more of that data at my avail to post.

Here are the updated standings & statistics:

TBL Standings And Stats (9G)
TBL Team Statistics (9G)
Individual Batting Stats (9 Games)
Individual Pitching Stats (9 Games)

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