Update On TBL Plans

So I’m trying to get this social media/blog thing down for the TBL. My access to PC’s is not always easy since I haven’t had a working personal laptop in a couple of years. Our family PC is often getting used by others, so finding the free moment to put together blog posts in front of the keyboard is tough.

I’ve adjusted my gameplay videos to be live streams on YouTube. The upside is that I don’t tie up my phone in post-production & uploading to YouTube. I also have been able to interact with viewers. I love that aspect!

The downside is that the videos are longer. I leave in prep activities and background activities. It also contains some of the discussion directly to commenters where the people watching the video after the fact don’t see the chat comments. 

But at this point, I like live streaming better, and I’ll continue. I need to keep rolling games in between as well to help move things along.

I’ve also adjusted the schedule to include off-days. I’d like to get it where it’s not just #1 starters vs #1 starters every time. 

So between Facebook, Twitter, and here, I’ll try to post updates to when live streams will occur. Stay tuned!

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