Standings And Statistics: Gameday 14 Recap

So looking back on here, I realized it’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve updated this blog. I’ve been enjoying trying to put out YouTube content, including some live streaming events (such as tonight, will update with a link as soon as it completes processing).

The TBL continues to be decked in Dodger Blue after 14 games. Find the standings below:


If you notice, this is a different format than before. We’ve moved to BallStat as our statistic compiling software. The Rangers are two games back of the Dodgers, followed by the Cardinals and the Cubs rounding out the top 4.

In terms of league statistics, here are some of the key statistics for both pitching and hitting after 14 games:


And pitching:


I’ll try to keep things updated from hereon out. BallStat makes it a bit easier. I would prefer to use it to create a website that anyone can peruse on their own. Maybe down the road I’ll have the resources to afford such luxuries.

Video: TBL Gameday 10, 2015 LA Dodgers at 2015 Colorado Rockies

We’re into the 10th Gameday of the Ten-acious Baseball League season, and the Dodgers tried to (wait for it…) get on a Rocky Mountain High heading northeast to Denver for a set with Colorado. We’ll see if Adrian Gonzalez and the boys will make it rain fire in the sky, or if Charlie Blackmon and the Rockies will offer more than a casual reply.