TGT/Slacker – Additional Updates

The eyes can often be bigger than the stomach. That’s true with food, and it can also be true with tabletop sports.

When you start picking up new games to play on top of the ones you already have, and imagine new & exciting projects to supplant older ones, it leaves you looking at what’s on your plate as if the waiter brought that delectable crème brûlée before you were finished with all the succotash your mom told you to eat.

That’s where it stands for me and the Tenacious Golf Tour – though in reality it’s more surrounding the Slacker Tour. There are also opportunities that I’ve flirted with surrounding channel supporter cards in terms of HMG.

The bottom line is that time is king. And I keep telling myself I’m not going to bog myself down too much with long projects, but in truth long projects contain much more interest for me than short ones. I will likely continue to plot out the long term projects, but attempt to improve at multitasking & efficiency. Factor in trying to grow a YouTube channel as well – it’s pretty clear that new games & sports attract new viewers.

The biggest change will affect the Slacker Tour. I am cutting out 3 events, from 15 to 12 events. This reflects half of the TGT schedule. I had nearly as many Slacker events remaining as TGT, and while I do enjoy playing tournaments, 12 is sufficient to provide golfers to add in 2019. I will continue to hone my style & schedules to reflect my desire to run longer projects, but also find ways to keep things from getting stale.

The Tenacious Golf Tour will likely grow by a couple of tournaments for 2019, and I’ll likely keep Slacker at 12.


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